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Get a project quotation or build an instant highly experienced team with our flat rates.

We understand the challenge clients face when they have to make the decision taking into account both their budget and expectations.

Project quotation

If you know you have a project, we can offer a ‘Project quotation’. As part of this process, we will contact you to go through your project. We will review you requirements and outline the costs and duration. Our aim is to meet your expectations with delivery and cost. We believe setting out defined milestones helps with reassuring our clients with the timeliness, cost, and delivery of work. Feel free to get in touch using our contact page.

    Flat rate pricing

    Importantly, due to HMRC’s regulation regarding disguised employment. We only offer roles as being ‘Outside IR35’ ✝, due to this, there will be a defined period for the duration of the contract and the work will be provided remotely, using our own equipment and within the autonomy of the contractor/company. The contractor will be available for all required meetings, online (Microsoft Teams) or, if needed and pre-arranged, in person at your office. We do not provide roles for business-as-usual (BAU) tasks. All flat rate roles must be related to a defined piece of work. A working day consists of 7.5 hours. Any travel beyond 10 miles from central London will be agreed, by both parties, and charged separately.
    • Lead Power Platform Architect:

      £750 per day
    • Lead Big Data Architect:

      £750 per day
    • Power App Developer:

      £550 per day
    • Power BI Developer:

      £550 per day
    • Azure Databricks Developer:

      £550 per day
    • Dataverse Specialist:

      £550 per day
    • Mid-Level Developer:

    • Junior Developer:


    ✝ Extra option: For any role beyond 10 days, we can offer a Qudos’ ‘Full IR35 Contract Review’. The £125 fee can be costed within the day rate of the role.