Power BI:
Turn insights into actions.

Increase the importance of data, generate value for business, place data at the centre of decisions and management processes.

Power BI

Staying competitive involves true hard facts. Power BI offers a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that help to turn unrelated and unfavourable sources of data into coherent, visually descriptive, and interactive insights.

Here are our skills:

  • Data analytics 

  • Data importation

  • Data manipulation

  • Data modelling in the query editor

  • Table relationships and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

  • Building data visualisations and reports

Your data might be in a simple Excel file, or a collection of tables within Azure's cloud-based Azure Databricks Lakehouse. Power BI can easily connect to your data, visualise, and clarify the importance, as well as the ability to share and secure that information with anyone or everyone you want.

What we can do

At Baabaa Consulting, we have a team of accomplished experts and professionals with years of experience building views, reports and dashboards.

We can build using Power BI services, such as the 'deployment pipeline tool' to test the content before you releasing to your users. The deployment pipeline tool can help with fine tuning reports, dashboards, datasets, and paginated reports.

Information is our core

We pride ourselves in being experts in understanding. Fundamentally, we see our skill as being experts in turning data into useful information. It's key for us to both understand your goals and objectives as well as the data that we aim to make descriptive, knowledgeable, and informative.

We have worked for several clients, working on a variety of sources of information. If the source has an API or is cloud-based, then we guarantee we will be able to make something of it.

We like to build beautiful simple initiative interfaces for our views, reports and dashboards. We understand a single view, like a painting, can convey a thousand words. It is this that gives us the upper hand as we recognise that the end-user must be put at the centre of all concerns. We always try to understand the user, the use, and because of this we believe our 'data scientists' are really 'information scientists'.