Power Apps:
We build solutions that are easy to use and simple to maintain.

PowerApps provide sound business logic to transform manual business processes into automation.

Power Apps

Simply, Power Apps are brilliant but there is a sting in the tail and it is twofold: Do you really want everyone in your organisation to go out and build a Power App? Do you really have the experience or skills to build a Power App that is going to be used by everyone in your organisation i.e. a non-trivial application? We can help you with both the above questions and much more. We approach Power Apps from both a development and architectural perspective.

We're the out-the-box Power-App agency.

We have a team of accomplished experts and professionals with years of experience building apps. We believe in solving problems first, not just writing code. We have been actively involved in Enterprise level application development, upgrades, and implementation across the spectrum, from legacy systems to emerging technologies.

We can take your application from the initial concept right the way through the build to the support and documentation that it will need.

We build using Model-Driven apps, Dataverse for Teams and Canvas apps. Unlike some other technology agencies, we build with support and your internal expertise in mind. That means if you want us to keep the build to a low-code or no-code support model then we will build your app using Custom pages and Command Designer as part of the inner workings of Power Apps. If you have the expertise in-house, we can also build your app using the Power App Web SDK using Microsoft Dynamic Plugins and PCFs as part of technical approach. This means you decide if you want any technical overhead. The choice is yours.

With both approaches, we will offer you the option to make the build part of DevOps technical build, this means you will be able to continue development on the app, in the future, and release the changes as part of a 'Development' > 'User Acceptance Testing' > 'Production' lifecycle.

We follow the seven stage process of developing an app. We can start at any point within your app lifecycle:

  1. Planning and Research. The planning stage should occur immediately after you have imagined your idea for an app.

  2. Prototyping. Prototyping is the stage where you start rapidly producing wireframes and iterating on user feedback.

  3. Design / Branding. Using your company's branding for the application, logo, colour scheme, fonts.

  4. Development. The stage where we build your app using the choice of Model-Driven App, Canvas App or Dataverse for Teams (the free version of Dataverse, only for Microsoft Teams usage).

  5. Testing. Let's get this application out there and see if it is what we think it is. Are there any tweaks need? Are there any bugs?

  6. Release. The stage where we add in the users, assign roles and responsibilities. This maybe a big bang release or an incremental release.

  7. Maintenance. Time to support the application. Let's train the supporting staff, write out the supporting documentation outlining what it is. How it can be maintained. Who's using it, why it was built, what was built. How it can be improved or improved. What are the new possibilities for version 1.1, version 2.0, version 3.0 ...

    We'll keep you on track with your rollout of the platform.

    We can help you to stay on track with your rollout of the platform, outlining guidelines, governance and make the deployment-fogs disperse with clear insight.

    We'll can help you to setup the Centre of Excellence, provide insight into anything that you already have. Outline new ways of working using 'End-to-End Process Flows'. Provide an 'Environmental Strategy' and help you make the architectural decisions that'll keep you and your processes of working on course.

    We'll help you to direct, plan and support users as part of our five point plan:

    1. Power App strategy.

    2. Power App service design.

    3. Power App service transition.

    4. Power App service operation.

    5. Power App service improvement.