Big Data:
Transform massive quantities of data into unlimited opportunities.

Ingest data from hundreds of sources. Use a simple declarative approach to build data pipelines across your digital estate.

Big Data

If you have ever connected an external Azure Data Lake Storage storage to a Power Platform dataflow, you will realise that Big Data is now not something that will be arriving in the distant future but is here and now.

We can help you if you want to setup Azure Data Lake Storage or you want to connect an external Azure Data Lake Storage storage to the Power Platform dataflows.

Azure Databricks

Using Power Platform dataflows, we can reshape, clean, and prepare data for further analysis and consumption. There are many other Azure services that can be used to refine or combine your data.

  • Using Azure Machine Learning we can consume the output of your dataflows and use it for machine learning scenarios (for example, predictive analysis).

  • We can use Azure Data Factory to get the output of your dataflows to combined with your data from big data sources, and apply advanced data integration solutions.

  • With Azure Databricks we can consume the output of your dataflows to apply data science algorithms and further AI using big data scale in the Apache Spark back end.

  • Alternatively, we can use other Azure data services to output your Power Platform dataflows to do further actions on that data. The sky is not the limit.


    Firstly, Dataverse can be used by Power Apps, Power BI and almost any application with the Power Platform sphere to build rich applications. Dataverse lets you securely store and manage data that's used by business applications. Data within Dataverse is stored within a set of tables, much like a SQL database. Dataverse includes a base set of standard tables that cover typical scenarios, but you can also create custom tables specific to your organisation and populate them with data by using Power Query.

    We can help you build out your data infrastructure to enable you and your business to gain insight to save both time and expensive. The data originates from a variety of devices, applications, systems, services, and software as a service (SaaS). This large and growing number of sources often consists of multiple data technologies stored as different types of data, can exposes different APIs, and use a mixture of security models. Often these technologies can be expensive and hard to find. Developers often need a deep understanding of how to deploy, configure, manage, and integrate these different data technologies.

    With Dataverse, and the free version of Dataverse "Dataverse for Teams" (only available within Microsoft Teams), we can addresses these concerns with an easy to use, easy to manage, compliant, secure, scalable, and globally available SaaS data source.

    Dataverse empowers organisations to work with any type of data and any type of app, and use the data within it to gain insights and drive business action.

    As part of Microsoft Power Platform, Dataverse requires little or no code, so it can easily be used by everyone.

    Knowing that it's built using the Microsoft platform and within Azure, organisations choosing Dataverse can be confident that it's globally available, compliant, scalable, and secure.

      Dataflows ...bringing it all together.

      Dataflows are a feature that is available in multiple Microsoft products and require no dataflow-specific license to be created or run. Dataflows are available in Power Apps, Power BI, and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. The ability to create and run dataflows is bundled with those products' licenses. Depending on the storage for the output of the Microsoft Power Platform dataflows, you can use Dataverse to store the outputs into other Azure services such as Azure Databricks Lakehouse.