Azure AI: Do more with less.

Take advantage of high-quality vision, speech, language, and decision-making.

Azure AI

We can help you to compliment your existing processes. Using Azure AI, we offer several options to help you and your organisation to get up and running with complex scenarios to help with decision-making. Azure AI offers decades of breakthrough research, responsible AI practises to build and deploy high-quality vision, speech, language, and decision-making AI models. These services can be rolled out using simple API calls, to help create your own machine learning models using cloud-based AI hosted on supercomputing infrastructures.

To make effective business decisions, we need to know when and how to complement the best of human decision-making with the extra power of a data and analytical artificial intelligence (AI) services.

Humans may not be totally reliable or consistent in decision making, but they still bring a lot to the table. Similarly, AI in decision-making has huge potential, and every day it is exponentially improving. However, it is not the case of wait till next year, AI has arrived and the potentials for its worth are here and right now.

We are experienced in deployed Azure AI services to facilitate three key areas of decision-making. To understand them in more detail, it is good to break them down into ‘decision automation’, ‘decision augmentation’ and ‘decision support’. These three separate areas represent the degrees to which AI and analytics can be deployed to pursue faster, more consistent, adaptable, and better-quality decisions at scale. 

  • Decision automation. The framework makes the decision using prescriptive analytics or predictive analytics. Its benefits include speed, scalability and consistency of decision making.

  • Decision augmentation. The framework recommends a decision, or multiple decision alternatives, to human actors using prescriptive or predictive analytics. Its benefits lie in the synergy between human knowledge and the capability of AI to rapidly analyse high volumes of data and to deal with complexity. 

  • Decision support. Human employees make the decision, supported by descriptive, diagnostic, or predictive analytics. Its main benefit lies in the combined application of data-driven insights and human knowledge, expertise, and common sense, including “gut feel” and emotions.

Azure AI can be critical for several reasons; this can be especially important if the timing of the decision is critical. ‘Decision automation’ can offer options for simple decisions that can be made within a few seconds up to 15 minutes. ‘Decision augmentation’ can be an option for complicated decisions, or for those that need to be made within minutes or hours. For complex or even chaotic decisions, and those that aren’t urgent, users can explore decision support.